Liam Hendriks makes a heartfelt Instagram post on Sunday night

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox learned this off-season that Liam Hendriks has cancer and will be undergoing treatment for it. It was tough to hear but Hendriks is the kind of guy that can beat this. Of course, it is never easy but he has the support of so many people.

When this news first broke in January, the entire baseball world came together to send him their well wishes. This is one of the great human beings in the world and everybody loves him. He brings so much positive energy both on and off the field.

On Sunday night, Hendriks posted an update on his Instagram. He wrote a note about how hard it is to be dealing with this at this time. He also made it very relatable to anyone out there that has gone through this before.

He made sure to provide the update that he is just taking it day by day. He also added some light to it by saying that he is going to continue making some jokes along the way. He noted that the support he has received since his diagnosis has encouraged him as well. That is great to hear.

The Chicago White Sox are lucky to have Liam Hendriks on their team.

We can only hope that his treatment continues to steer him in the right direction of recovery. He has a long way to go but it is nice to see that he is fighting. He can do this.

The White Sox commented on the post to tell Liam that he's got this. That came with a lot of other interactions with the update because everyone loves this man so much.

We know that Hendriks made his way to spring training and has even been throwing. This is the most inspirational story going on in the league right now. Everyone has his back and will continue to as time moves along.

It sounds like he believes he will pitch this year but the most important thing for him is to get to full recovery. These little updates from him are nice as he takes this day by day. That is all you can do at this point. We are all behind him.

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