Looking back at the 5 starters who the White Sox failed to develop into an ace

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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The Chicago White Sox are a dumpster fire of an organization. After the month of August that they just had, things are getting worse and worse.

They don't do anything right as they just seem to keep going with the flow. That creates tension following loss after loss.

Part of the reason that this team is so bad is that the starting pitching hasn't been good enough. They haven't developed players into aces like we thought they were going to.

These are the five pitchers that we thought would be true aces that just never got there while on the White Sox:

1. Dylan Cease

The Chicago White Sox would have loved to see Dylan Cease be better.

Dylan Cease had his struggles when he first came into the league. He looked like a guy with all of the potential in the world but just needed reps to put it all together.

Then, 2022 came around. He was one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball for that whole season. In fact, he came in second for the American League Cy Young Award.

It really did look like the White Sox developed an ace. Of course, this season, he has not been good at all. In fact, it seems like he is getting worse and worse as the year goes along.

The White Sox would have been better off trading him. Now, his value isn't as high as it once was. They really messed this up.

It would have been nice to see Dylan Cease turn into one of those White Sox aces that lasts a decade. Unfortunately, he clearly needs a change of scenery to reach his true potential.