Losing Jose Abreu leaves a huge roster hole for the White Sox

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

After losing Jose Abreu to the Houston Astros in free agency, the White Sox have a big hole to fill with the number 3 spot in the lineup. While the White Sox don't really need a first baseman, they are going to have to add 1-2 outfielders now.

With veterans A.J. Pollock and Jose Abreu running away from the toxic environment in Chicago, the White Sox roster looks incredibly weak heading into the 2023 season.

While Andrew Vaughn can be placed at first base, the team now has limited options at designated hitter. Jake Burger can be placed in the role, but the 112 OPS+ he put up playing 51 games in 2022 is not a good replacement for Abreu's 133 OPS+, which came with good first-base defense as well.

If Burger takes over the DH position along with the equally subpar Gavin Sheets, the outfield will have to be covered by Eloy Jimenez in left field, rookie Oscar Colas in right field, and no one else.

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of needs to fill during the offseason.

That's without even mentioning this team doesn't have a second baseman. Simply put, the White Sox have a lot of work to do.

Even if we assume that Andrew Vaughn is going to improve next year not playing the outfield, the losses of Abreu and Johnny Cueto will probably cost the White Sox at least 5 wins in the standings, setting them up to be a 76-win team in 2023.

In order to improve on this, the White Sox must dip into the free-agent market and sign a star slugger or pitcher.

The White Sox need to take the 15-20 million they were going to pay Jose Abreu and spend it on a free agent, whether that means Trea Turner, Cody Bellinger, Carlos Rodon, or Chris Bassitt, the White Sox need to be active in getting stars to build on their below-average baseball team.

With the right signings and trades, they just might be able to get back up to 86-win territory and get back to the playoffs in 2023, saving themselves from embarrassment.

If this doesn't happen, Rick Hahn needs to be fired and Jerry Reinsdorf needs to look into selling the team. They can't continue to be the most embarrassing and worst-owned team in Major League Baseball.

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