Lucas Giolito goes to the Arizona Diamondbacks in one of these 3 wild trades

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are not as impressive a team as they should be. Three years ago, we thought they would be a truly elite team year after year by now.

They are not, unfortunately. Now, it seems like a second rebuild is on the horizon as they are not good enough and don't really have a bright future.

A fire sale is possible as the August 1st trade deadline approaches. One of the names getting the most interest is starting pitcher Lucas Giolito.

Giolito, as of late, has been rumored to be wanted by the Arizona Diamondbacks. That is a very interesting team that makes a ton of sense for him.

If the Diamondbacks were to trade for Giolito, the deal might look something like this:

Trade One

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The Chicago White Sox should try to get a top prospect in this deal.

The Chicago White Sox would love to land a top-100 prospect in a Lucas Giolito trade. It might mean less coming back in addition but it may be worth it.

Brandon Pfaadt is the number three prospect in Arizona's system but he is a top-100 MLB guy which makes him very valuable. As the White Sox try to restock the farm, adding a stud pitcher like that would go a long way.

Blaze Alexander is their eighth rated prospect. He is someone that can play second, third, or short which makes him very attractive on the trade market.

The White Sox should push it with Giolito and not trade him just to trade him. Go out and get good players if you are going to move on from one of your best pitchers.