Luis Robert Jr slugs 28 home runs and advances in HR Derby

T-Mobile Home Run Derby
T-Mobile Home Run Derby / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are proud to have Luis Robert Jr represent them as an American League All-Star. He has been an amazing player for them all year long.

Robert Jr. also hit 26 home runs in the first half of the season which landed him in the 2023 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby.

There are a ton of stars involved in this tournament and baseballs have been flying all over the place. In the first round of the derby, Robert Jr. went up against Adley Rutschman of the Baltimore Orioles.

Rutschman, the eighth seed of the event, hit 21 home runs in the first three minutes. He did that from the left side of the plate. He then switched to the right side of the plate for his bonus 30 seconds and hit another six for a total of 27 home runs.

He is as good as any catcher to ever come through this league and he is still very young (25). Now, he is showing the world the offensive side of his game which is elite.

Luis Robert Jr. clearly knows how to hit big time home runs.

Of course, that is a big number for Robert Jr. to have to follow, even as the one-seed. Well, Luis Robert Jr. has it in him to do incredible things in this league.

In his original 3:00, he hit a remarkable 27 home runs. He also hit two home runs over 440 feet which earned him the extra 30 seconds to go with the original bonus time that everyone gets. He was the first person to get that.

He only needed to hit one home run in that 1:00 span and of course he did. He defeated Rutschman in the first round with 28 big-time home runs. He will move on to face Tampa Bay Rays star Randy Arozarena.

Robert has what it takes to win this thing. Hopefully, he pulls it off!

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