White Sox News: Luis Robert Jr's Home Run Derby bat is so cool (video)

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day
Gatorade All-Star Workout Day / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox aren't having a great season but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the All-Star activities going on.

Luis Robert Jr. is representing the White Sox as an American League All-Star which is well deserved. He has been the best player on the team this season and there isn't a comparable.

Not only is he an All-Star, he is competing in the Home Run Derby which makes him the first White Sox player to compete in it since Todd Frazier in 2016.

On Monday, not long before the event, Robert revealed his bat for the event. It was about as cool as you'd expect from him.

Luis Robert Jr.'s Home Run Derby Bat is great and everyone should see it.

The man known as "La Pantera" has a panther on his bat. It is drawn to look vicious which is perfect for someone trying to hit lots of baseballs a long way. It is hard to see anyone else having a cooler-looking bat in the entire derby.

Robert will go in the first round of the Home Run Derby against Baltimore Orioles catcher Adley Rutschman. This is a great matchup between two bright young superstars that deserve a lot of love and praise.

Robert is the one seed and Rutschman is the eight seed but that doesn't mean much. Both of them are going to put on a show for the fans in Seattle watching and those tuning in on TV.

Luis Robert Jr. enters this event with 26 home runs on the season which is tied for third in the league. He is well deserving to participate in this event. Hopefully, he has a good showing on the national stage.

When Robert Jr. was first coming up, it was obvious that he would eventually get some praise on the big stages. Some injuries slowed him down but he is healthy and taking full advantage of his skills. This should be a ton of fun to watch.

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