Michael Jordan will always mean a lot to Chicago White Sox fans

MICHAEL JORDAN WHITE SOX / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Michael Jordan is always going to be remembered as a part of Chicago White Sox history. He is one of the biggest names in sports history and he has a tie to this organization because of a short stint.

Of course, Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player who ever lived. There are many that see him as the greatest athlete of all time. He won multiple championships in addition to many other amazing accolades. 

Multiple championships don’t mean two either. He won a total of six times in six tries, all as a member of the Chicago Bulls. It was when he decided to retire from basketball that he played in the Chicago White Sox organization. 

This came in between the two championship three-peats. Clearly, the baseball stint didn’t hurt his ability to be the greatest basketball player of all time. He was a decent minor-league player that would have had a chance to stick with it if he didn’t go back to basketball. 

The White Sox organization had a short but fun stint with Michael Jordan.

On Friday, Michael turned 60 years old. His birthday is just another reminder of how great he was. The landscape of Chicago sports was changed forever thanks to his time in town. It is something that will be remembered forever. 

It has been a long time since Jordan made both his NBA debut and his attempt at the big leagues but it will never not be awesome. After all these years, it is something that we still talk about today. 

The switch to baseball was such a big part of Jordan’s career that it played a big role in his “The Last Dance” documentary that came out a few years ago. It was a short stint but people will always remember it. It was nice that the White Sox were the team that he got to represent. 

Here in 2023, both the White Sox and Bulls are sitting in the middle. Neither is good enough to win the championship but neither of them is horrific either. Both tried to rebuild but it hasn’t worked out well up to this point. We can only hope that things change soon for Jordan’s two pro teams. 

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