Mike Clevinger wants to return to the Chicago White Sox

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox came into the season with tons of question marks regarding their starting pitching rotation.

None of them have answered those questions in a positive way more than Mike Clevinger. Of course, that is only considering things on the field.

In 2022, Clevinger had an ERA of 4.33. That came on a good San Diego Padres team after missing the last two full seasons recovering from an injury. Those are not good numbers at all but he was worthy (in the mind of Rick Hahn and his staff) of a contract for the 2023 season.

Now, he is almost done with an even better bounce-back season. He is only 6-6 but the White Sox are a horrible baseball team.

The Chicago White Sox are seeing Mike Clevinger have a good year.

His ERA is 3.32 and his WHIP is 1.229. With his funky delivery, some folks thought he would have a hard time adjusting to the pitch clock but he has been good.

All of Clevinger's contributions to this season has his WAR up to 2.9. There is no doubt that we were all wrong and he had a good season.

Clevinger made it clear that he loves it with the White Sox and wants to return. He could absolutely just be saying that but it sounds like he was really interested in returning.

There are going to be White Sox fans all about it and some totally against it. The new people in charge will have to make that decision. He has a mutual option so both sides would have to agree.

Rick Hahn probably should have tried to trade Clevinger because he was having a good season (he might have but we didn't hear about it) but he is gone now.

It will certainly be interesting to see what becomes of this as the off-season goes along.

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