MLB dot com has a crazy offseason Jose Abreu prediction

Colorado Rockies v Chicago White Sox
Colorado Rockies v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have many questions that need to be answered during the offseason as they try to bounce back from the most disappointing season in franchise history. It is going to be hard but it is certainly possible.

One of the biggest questions right now is the status of Jose Abreu. He is a free agent as of now that is free to sign with whatever team he wants.

Of course, Abreu is one one of the best hitters in the history of the Chicago White Sox franchise. He has been a model of consistency when it comes to contact, power, and everything in between. He doesn't play a bad defensive first base either.

He had a down year in terms of power but everyone on the White Sox did which suggests a change to their approach. Abreu was also elite at contact hitting which also shows that they were going for that more this year. It didn't work but it showed that Abreu is good at whatever he needs to do.

Now, we wait and see if Abreu will leave or stay. MLB dot com released some predictions for the top 50 free agents in the league and their thoughts on Abreu might surprise you. They predict that Abreu is going to return to the Chicago White Sox this offseason.

Jose Abreu coming back to the Chicago White Sox would be great news.

There is a bit of an educated guess in there as the league knows of conversations being had in between the walls but nothing is concrete. Anything can happen.

This also isn't a case where they mostly predict a player to stick with his team. Most of these predictions have guys changing teams but they think Abreu is returning to the White Sox for some reason.

It is a nice prediction for White Sox fans to hear. Lots of people think that he should move on but that doesn't seem like the best idea. Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets have both had great moments but neither have done enough to make anyone think that they can be as good as Abreu right now.

If they lost him, they'd be missing a big bat from the lineup that was once so good. If they want to return to form on offense as a unit, letting Abreu leave might not be the best play of all time. We can only hope that this prediction from MLB dot com comes true.

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