MLB dot com predicted who will lead the White Sox in home runs

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of players that can be outstanding with their bats and have proven it in the past. Everyone was a bit underwhelming in 2022 and people have wondered if it was the approach as a team.

Now, with new coaches in place to help them, it is on the players with no more excuses. They have to go out there with their new approach and bring it back to what it was that made them so highly touted going into last year.

In 2022, Andrew Vaughn had a very nice sophomore season for the White Sox. He took a big step forward and hit 17 home runs. The only issue is that those 17 home runs led the entire White Sox roster which is not going to get it done.

Now, we are eager to learn who is going to lead the Sox in home runs this year. Will it be Andrew Vaughn again? Will this player at least break 20 home runs? How about 30? There is no way they reach 40, right?

The White Sox have a few candidates to lead the team in home runs.

MLB dot com was wondering the same thing for every team in the league. When it comes to the White Sox, they made a prediction that might make White Sox fans very happy. They predicted that Eloy Jimenez will lead the team in home runs this year.

The number that they came up with for him was really good too as they are predicting him to go deep 31 times. That would be a great total to leave the White Sox, especially after what we saw from the offense in 2022.

The next best part of this is that they are predicting that he will be healthy for a majority of the year. That will be great for the White Sox for more than his home runs. He has an impact bat more than just for home runs so we can only hope that this becomes the reality.

Another cool note is that they only predicted Byron Buxton to have more home runs by an AL Central player and it was only by one. Both of these guys have battled injuries in recent years so it would make for a great battle if they can both stay healthy and lead their teams.

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