Not having a 6th starter might hurt the Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox won their game on Friday night. Everyone that played chipped in and that is why they won 12-3. It was a great night.

Now, they are getting ready for game three against the Detroit Tigers on Saturday. This is a big game as the winner will at least guarantee a series split.

The White Sox are at a disadvantage in this one to start because of the fact that they don’t have one of their traditional pitchers starting. It is likely going to be an opener followed by a bullpen day. That is never great. 

That opener is Jesse Scholtens. He is 29 years old and his only MLB experience is the 8.0 innings that he has pitched this season. 

The White Sox don't have someone they can trust as a spot starter.

The reason that this is happening is because of the fact that Mike Clevinger is on the Injured List. This would have been a game in which he was on the mound if he was available. 

The fact that the White Sox are in this predicament is their own fault. They made it where they really don’t have a 6th starter right now. 

There is a tad bit of bad luck involved as well because of the fact that Davis Martin is out for the year with Tommy John but it isn’t good that they don’t have other options. 

Reynaldo Lopez and Garrett Crochet were both starters at one point and so was Jimmy Lambert. It just doesn’t feel like any of them are in a place right now that would allow them to go be a legit starter in a spot start. 

Rick Hahn hasn’t done all that good of a job building the team but they need to find a way to win. It is certainly possible as their bullpen has been much better lately. 

It is also true that the offense can help them out as well. If they have a similar outburst as they did on Friday night (12 runs), they can pull it off. 

They will face Michael Lorenzen who has been very okay this season. With the pitching circumstances they are facing, it should be interesting to watch. 

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