Oscar Colas starting the year in right field is actually a good thing

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The Chicago White Sox clearly needed an upgrade in the outfield. Using first basemen like Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets out there was always a bad idea that should never have lasted as long as it did. Injuries contributed to that but it was because of poor roster construction as well.

Well, the effort to address that is underway. The plan is for the White Sox to have Luis Robert in centerfield which has been the case for a long time. He has shown the ability to be elite in his young career but he needs to find a way to stay healthy. If he doesn't this will all be for not.

To address left field, they gave Andrew Benintendi the largest contract in the history of the franchise. That is kind of weird to hear but it is the truth. He is a great player that will do a good job out there with both his glove and his bat. We can only hope that he lives up to his contract.

That leaves right field. Oscar Colas is currently the organization's number two prospect and it seems like he is going to be the guy long-term in right. It is kind of strange that he is going to just get the job with very little competition but they believe in him.

The Chicago White Sox could use a big rookie year from Oscar Colas.

This might actually be the right decision. Leaving second base the way that it is isn't a smart decision but using Colas could prove to be smart. He has been a very good baseball player at every level that he has played at and now he is looking to take that step into Major League Baseball.

He is someone that should fit in with the young talent on this team. If he plays well, Benintendi and Robert should help him form what is a really good trio in the outfield. They can build a solid lineup around these guys with some of the good infielders that they have as well.

It isn't ideal to be relying on Colas in the way that the White Sox are up to this point but if there was an outfield prospect in the organization to believe in, it is Colas.

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