The Chicago White Sox should just bring Elvis Andrus back

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are getting Tim Anderson back to start the 2023 season which should really help them. Things went even worse when he left the team due to an injury in August of 2022. They were then without one of their best players and leader of the clubhouse.

Tim was replaced for the rest of the season by a committee but the best of them was Elvis Andrus. The White Sox landed him after the Oakland A's cut him. He played very well for them and looked like someone who was going to spark this team just enough.

Unfortunately, that bad series against the Cleveland Guardians late in the year pushed the White Sox well out of it and they ended up missing the playoffs. They were unable to take full advantage of Andrus' success that he brought to the team.

Anderson never ended up returning because there was no reason to rush him once the White Sox were eliminated. Now, he will be ready for 2023 but Andrus remains a free agent. As we saw last year, there is still plenty left in the tank for him.

The Chicago White Sox should really bring Elvis Andrus back in 2023.

The White Sox are said to be using Romy Gonzalez at second base with Lenyn Sosa as a backup option. Leury Garcia is purely a utility option now and Tim Anderson will be back at shortstop with Yoan Moncada at third.

That is probably not the best idea though. Bringing back Elvis Andrus and giving him a chance at second base is better than the unknown that comes with young players. This team is trying to win so they should really act like it.

To be honest, this thought is nice and all but don't count on it. The White Sox seem pretty set in their ways. They only brought in Andrus last year because Anderson got hurt. Before that, they had no intentions of bringing in anyone to help them get better.

This White Sox team is very strange in the way that they do business. Bringing Andrus back seems like a no-brainer but the White Sox aren't a team that usually makes the smart decisions.

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