Pedro Grifol and Matt Eberflus have way too much in common

Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals
Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are in bad shape right now. They are 60-96 which is the fourth worst record in Major League Baseball. They have six games left and have to go 3-3 just to avoid reaching 100 losses which is the true mark of a horrible team.

They aren't the only bad team in town. The Chicago Bulls made the play-in game and won before being defeated in the second play-in game. Despite that, nobody actually thinks that Jerry Reinsdorf's other team is any good.

The Chicago Blackhawks had the third-worst record in the NHL last season and they won the draft lottery. Connor Bedard may make them exciting this year but they certainly aren't going to win a lot of games.

The true epitome of bad, however, is the Chicago Bears. Of course, that is besides the White Sox who are awful as well. In fact, these two teams have a lot in common.

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bears are both atrocious right now.

The Bears are currently on a losing streak that goes back to October 26, 2022. We are almost a full year removed from their most recent win which is absolutely pathetic.

Being bad isn't the only thing that makes these two teams similar. They also have people in charge who think alike. Specifically, the person in charge of what goes on between the lines. That is talking about White Sox manager Pedro Grifol and Bears head coach Matt Eberflus.

Both of these guys stink at their job but that isn't enough. Both of them also like to go to the podium and preach positivity every day as if they aren't in charge of embarrassingly bad teams. They both kind of act like the people they are talking to have no clue about anything.

The White Sox are horrific, you already know the record. They don't pitch, hit, or play hard. There are a lot of reasons for that but they clearly aren't giving it their all for their coach. As for Eberflus, the team is 0-3, hasn't won in a year, and is facing the number one pick again.

Both of these guys need to be fired right at the season's end. The way we tolerate bad sports teams in this town is sad. This is Chicago. The city deserves teams with coaches or managers who give it their all and do things the right way. It is just a true shame right now.

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