The Chicago White Sox need to play hard to end the season

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox / Brian Fluharty/GettyImages

It is becoming clear that the Chicago White Sox are going to be the fourth-worst team in Major League Baseball this season based on record. In finishing fourth, they will come into the MLB Draft Lottery with a 13.25 percent chance of winning the number one pick.

At this point, with six games to go, they might as well try to avoid reaching the 100-loss mark. They have only done that four times in franchise history. That is a low total considering how long they have been a team and how mediocre of a franchise they are.

Trying hard to finish the season without reaching that loss total should be a priority. This season has already been embarrassing enough. Even without Luis Robert Jr. due to injury in these final games, they should be able to be hard to play against and make teams work for wins.

There are six games left and the Sox are 60-96. They need to go 3-3 in the final six games to avoid reaching that 100-loss mark. They begin on Tuesday night with a three-game set against the Arizona Diamondbacks. That will be followed by a three-game series with the San Diego Padres.

The Chicago White Sox are a team that can avoid losing 100 games.

The Diamondbacks are better than the Padres but neither team is a first-place powerhouse by any means. The Diamondbacks are in the thick of the National League Wild Card race though and need to win these games. They will come into them desperate.

The Padres aren't the White Sox but they have been a disappointment in their own right. After reaching the NLCS last year, they have taken a deep dive in the standings. They might be a very different-looking team coming into 2024.

If the Sox could somehow claw out one series win here, they could avoid this 100-loss business. They won a series against the Boston Red Sox who are right around the same talent level as these two teams that the White Sox will be facing this week. It has been a tough year but avoiding 100 losses would be one last win.

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