Ranking the White Sox's 6 most tradable assets

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Of course, by now you realize that the Chicago White Sox are going to be sellers. They were just swept by the Minnesota Twins in the most embarrassing way possible and now it is clear how bad they truly are. 

At 41-60 (19 games under .500), the White Sox are 12.0 games out of the lead in the AL Central Division. That is horrific stuff for a team that is supposed to be in its “contention window”. 

Now that they are sellers, it is time to think about who is going to go. There are a few guys that might go but are not a lock. It will become more and more clear as August 1st approaches. 

There are a few good trade assets on this team right now. Between starters, hitters, and bullpen arms, the White Sox can add some assets to the farm system. These are the top six tradable pieces ranked from 6 to 1:

6. Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is someone that the Chicago White Sox might trade this year.

Joe Kelly has some value but there is a risk to trading for him. Some teams may be hesitant to take on a relief pitcher like him in the year 2023. 

Kelly is a two-time World Series champion with two different teams. That type of experience can really help out a locker room so that is where the value comes in. 

That and the fact that he has been a good pitcher in his career as well when he is on. With the White Sox, he has been both on and off so it is hard to tell how he’d be with someone else. 

The risk is injuries. He literally just came back from the IL which is where he has spent a lot of his White Sox tenure. If he can keep his body from breaking down for the rest of the season though, a contending team might be lucky to have him.