Southside Showdown's 2023 World Series predictions

World Series Workout Day
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It is time for the 2023 World Series. Major League Baseball is set to crown a champion once again. It is set to be a great series between the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks. Both of them made it here by dominating the early stages of the playoffs and then winning an epic seven-game semi-final. 

Neither of these teams was pegged to be pennant winners before the season started. Then, as it went along, it appeared they were serious contenders to be in the playoffs. By now, everybody knows that all you have to do is get in and you have a shot. 

The Texas Rangers are a team loaded with superstars that they spent money on or acquired in big trades. They are proof that huge spending to supplement what you build is a great strategy in this league. 

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a scrappy team that is a year or two ahead of schedule. They still have some amazing prospects on the way but they starting to win this season instead of waiting for them. It is close to paying off. 

The Southside Showdown crew has predictions for the 2023 World Series.

Here at Southside Showdown, we cover the Chicago White Sox who are one of the worst teams in the league. Outside of having a few ties to these two clubs in terms of alumni, the White Sox aren’t even close to World Series contention.

However, we all still love baseball to our core so we will be watching the World Series with great interest. Here is how we think it is going to go as a team: 

Vinnie Parise (Site Expert/Editor):

The Texas Rangers are my prediction to win the World Series. I see them having an offensive explosion over the Arizona Diamondbacks' pitching. They take the series in six hard-fought games and finally take home a title for the first time in franchise history.

Brian Dietzler (contributor):

I predict that the Texas Rangers will win the series but it will go seven games. The Rangers bats will be too much for Diamondback's pitching in the end. Adolis Garcia will be the World Series MVP.

Andrew Faulkner (contributor):

I personally feel like it will come down to whoever ends up making the bigger plays, and for that reason, I will be taking the Texas Rangers to win the World Series over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Rangers have more depth both offensively and defensively, which should lead to great success for them throughout this entire series.

Chip Egan (contributor)

I am going with the Texas Rangers in six games. Both teams pitching has been good as has the hitting. I think the Rangers have more firepower in their lineup with Seager and Garcia which could be the difference.

In conclusion:

It seems as if a majority thinks that the Texas Rangers are going to win the first World Series championship in their history. The Diamondbacks like it that way though as it is how it's been all playoffs for them. At the end of the day, it would be nice to see some great baseball.

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