The Boston Red Sox are a good trade partner for Dylan Cease

The Boston Red Sox should consider adding a pitcher of Dylan Cease's caliber.
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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There are a lot of teams that make sense for Dylan Cease. The Chicago White Sox have been rumored to trade him for a long time now but it hasn't happened yet.

The Boston Red Sox acquired Lucas Giolito as an offseason free-agent signing. For a minute, it looked like Giolito would be a teammate of Chris Sale, who was the White Sox ace before him.

That changed quickly, though, as the Red Sox traded Sale to the Atlanta Braves right after signing Giolito. This was a big trade that nobody saw coming.

The Red Sox now have room for another starter and Cease could be that guy. Adding a pitcher like Dylan Cease would be perfect for them. He is just what they need.

Dylan Cease should be someone that the Boston Red Sox are targeting

Boston is surely going to try and compete in 2024 although they play in a tough AL East. Adding a cost-controlled starter that has a high ceiling is exactly what they need.

We know that Cease could be a top-of-the-rotation type starter as he has been that in the past. He came down to earth a bit with the bad 2023 White Sox, but that doesn't mean a new setting can't get him back to elite status.

Cease would find comfort in his new situation for a few reasons. For one, the Red Sox mostly provide a winning environment that does what they can to compete every year. He'd also have Giolito there with him, who has been a teammate of his for a long time.

With the trade of Sale, the Red Sox were ready to move in a new direction. Trading for someone like Cease after adding Giolito could add cheap stability to their starting rotation.

Their lineup is loaded with run producers, so adding pitching could be their key to success in 2024. Nothing is certain with any of the teams in their division going forward either. Now might be a good time to take advantage by making a statement.

Cease and the White Sox avoided arbitration on Thursday with a one-year $8 million. That is dirt cheap if Cease is half as good as he was in 2022. The Red Sox should be all in.