The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls have a lot in common

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The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls are both owned by Jerry Reinsdorf. Under his ownership, the two teams have combined for seven championships which is the most for any sports team owner. However, there is a little bit of context that takes Reinsdorf's shine away.

Without Michael Jordan, the Bulls would have never won one. He fell to them in his draft and the rest was history. As for the one White Sox title, that was the story of a team coming together and getting it done against all odds. It isn't like they spent all this money and did it like that.

Now, here we are in 2023 and both teams are incredibly mediocre. The Bulls are trying to make the play-in series at this point and the White Sox are coming off an 81-81 season. It is wild how similar these two franchises are. It isn't really that surprising though given their owner.

One of the biggest problems with the 2022 White Sox is the fact that they didn't do anything at the trade deadline to better their team. They also claimed that they tried to make moves but nothing was able to get done.

The Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox have a lot in common.

Well, the NBA trade deadline came and went on Thursday and the Bulls were one of two teams that didn't make a single move. That is absolutely embarrassing given where they are as a franchise. The similarities between them and the White Sox are incredible.

Jerry refuses to let the Bulls tank and he won't spend money on winning players. He loves just having a chance to make the playoffs so both of his teams are very surprising in his mind. As fans of the two teams, it is very frustrating to be a paprt of for a lot of reasons. He should be ashamed but he's not.

Things won't improve until he sells so don't expect much change any time soon. These teams, and pretty much every Chicago team at this point, have failed miserably to take advantage of being a big market team playing in a premier sports market.

Following this trade deadline in the NBA, you can see the similarities between the two Reinsdorf teams even more than usual.

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