The Chicago White Sox are an entirely different team with Tim Anderson

Chicago White Sox v Cincinnati Reds
Chicago White Sox v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are blessed to have so much great talent on the team. Guys like Tim Anderson, Eloy Jimenez, and Luis Robert, Jr., are very talented baseball players and help add a lot of depth and ability to the lineup.

But we noticed something over the course of the last few games with one player. It seems as if when Anderson is in the lineup the Sox play better.

How is it that one man can take a team and make them play better? First off, it has to do with the leadership that Anderson gives this team as well as his inspiration. It seems that when Anderson is active and in the lineup, the team plays better.

Maybe it’s his ability to get hits when he leads off at the top of the lineup that inspires the rest lineup behind him to do better.

The Chicago White Sox are a different team with Tim Anderson in there.

There is just something about Anderson being in the lineup that really inspires this team. Anyone can see it.

We have seen it over the course of the last few games. Anderson’s presence has sparked this lineup into winning a few games after a long losing streak took them down for a while. The White Sox are now back to winning and playing decent baseball.

It could be thanks to Anderson.

No one should underestimate leadership on a team. Not every person can be a leader and some people aren’t meant to be leading no matter how long they have been on the team or in the league.

But there is something about Anderson that really brings this team up to a different level when he’s in the lineup. It’s just something about his energy and perhaps his leadership style that helps get this team going in a positive direction and helps keep them motivated.

You can just see the difference in the rest of the team when Anderson is in there playing.

We all know what the White Sox are like when Anderson isn’t in the lineup. When he was missing this last month, the White Sox went 3 -15. Now that he’s back, they have managed to win a few more games and are looking much better at the plate and on defense.

Anderson could be the cure for whatever ails the White Sox. The problem is, he has to stay healthy and he has had difficulty doing that.

The Chicago White Sox are like any other team out there. They have one or more guys that help get them up and motivated. They have that one guy in the lineup that inspires everyone else to play better while playing lights-out themselves.

Take the Minnesota Twins for example. They have Byron Buxton and when he’s in the lineup, they play very good baseball. When he’s not in there (out with an injury) they seem to struggle.

Some players just make that much of an impact on their teams. When they are out of the lineup, the team struggles.

Hopefully, Anderson will stay healthy for the remainder of the season and continue to give the White Sox the boost that they need to get through and win a lot of games.

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