The Chicago White Sox could really use a strong finish in April

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are headed out the gate of the 2023 Major League Baseball season in a shaky state at best.

They are struggling to win games due to both ineffective pitching (although this has been getting better) and a struggling offense (which has been getting worse). They have failed to win a single series so far this season and are not looking the best.

The White Sox finish up the month of April against such teams as the Philadelphia Phillies, the Toronto Blue Jays, and the red-hot Tampa Bay Rays.

The schedule looks rough but the White Sox have the capability to win a series or two to close out the month and be in a better position entering the month of May.

The Chicago White Sox need to have a strong finish to the month.

Gaining some momentum heading into May would be huge but will they gain that much-needed momentum after looking at the schedule they have in the second half of April?

I mean, it’s a daunting schedule considering who they must play. Just seeing the Rays on the schedule, seven times is enough to put some fear in the hearts of White Sox fans.

How is it possible the White Sox might win a series like that against the Rays? Can they even win a game against the Rays?

Well, the Rays are starting to come back down to earth and they just might just be a little easier to beat when they meet the White Sox.

Being able to beat a team like the Rays would give the Sox a lot of confidence and could give them a boost into the month of May. It could easily be an early make-or-break couple of series for the White Sox to cap off what they hope will be a strong finish to April.

Momentum is everything in sports and the more momentum the White Sox have going into the month of May, the better off they will be.

Of course, they can gain some of the momentum needed by winning. Winning cures almost everything and the White Sox need to win to cure what ails them.

But to win, they need to get healthy and stay that way. That’s been next to impossible so far this season. Injuries have hit the White Sox hard and they are reeling.

With all their players back and healthy, which hopefully happens by the time they face the Rays in the second series of the month, the White Sox have a chance to win that series.

They must get a series win here soon so that they can gain some confidence. If they can’t, it’s going to be a long May unless they can somehow turn things around.

No one doubts that the White Sox schedule the rest of the month is tough, perhaps tougher than most. And it’s going to take a lot for them to win most of those games.

One must never count the White Sox in any season but if things don’t pick up soon and the train doesn’t start to gain steam, it could be a long season for this team.

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