The Chicago White Sox handed out the new biggest contract in franchise history

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The Chicago White Sox needed to make a big move to help their roster. It didn't seem like they were going to ever do such a thing but they went out and proved everyone wrong. On Friday, they announced the signing of Andrew Benintendi.

Benintendi is a very good player that revamped his career with the Kansas City Royals over the last few years. He was so good that the New York Yankees traded for him at the trade deadline last year for their playoff run.

Over the year split between the Royals and Yankees, Benintendi had a WAR of 3.2. He slashed .304/.372/.399 for an OPS of .772. He isn't much of a power guy as he only had five home runs in 2022 but he does have a career-high of 20 so there is some in there to some capacity.

In addition to being a fine hitter, he is a Gold Glove-caliber outfielder. He will go out there and make the routine plays that need to be made in order to win games but he will also go above and beyond a fair amount of the time. There will be no more first baseman manning the outfield on the south side.

The Chicago White Sox made a huge splash with this huge signing.

The White Sox all of the sudden have a decent lineup again with an outfield that should be pretty good. Benintendi could be out there with Luis Robert and Oscar Colas which might be amazing. It, at minimum, will be fun to watch all summer long.

In addition to being a great baseball player, Benintendi will bring a wealth of experience. He has made some deep playoff runs including a 2018 World Series championship with the Boston Red Sox. That type of experience will be very good for this White Sox team trying to take a step.

The details of his contract are a bit surprising. He was just handed the largest contract in the history of the White Sox. He is getting a five-year deal worth 75 million dollars. Seeing the White Sox make a move like this is different but good in a shocking way.

Hopefully, this is a move that makes the other White Sox players serious about 2023. There is enough talent on this roster to be a great team but they need to go out and do it. Adding someone like Andrew Benintendi will help and we can hope that this is just the beginning.

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