The Chicago White Sox need to try and land this low-risk starter

Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Guardians
Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Guardians / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a bad team but they aren't committed to a full rebuild. Because of that, they might be thinking about adding some help in different areas. One thing that could use the most help is the pitching staff. In particular, they could use some starters. 

One pitcher that may be available to take is Alek Manoah of the Toronto Blue Jays. He is coming off a down year in 2022 after pitching so well in 2021.  Manoah wasn’t just bad in 2022 though, he was so bad that he had a -1.1 WAR. This also came as a member of a very good Blue Jays team. 

Now, the Jays might be looking to trade him. He was so bad that they are considering getting him out of there before he has another potentially bad year. A lot of teams are going to come calling because of what he showed in 2021. 

The White Sox should absolutely be one of those teams. They could afford to take the risk at this point since they really don’t have much of a future as it is. If he does well in a new situation, the White Sox will have a new good pitcher.

The Chicago White Sox might want to consider trading for Alek Manoah.

If that were to happen for them, they could either trade him for more than they gave up for him or they could try and build a rotation around him. Either way, they are winners in the end. Both of those things sound really good for them. 

If he stinks, they surely won’t have given up much for him because his value is so low right now. He is a cheap option that the White Sox won’t have to give up much to get. Because of this, it is worth the risk of him continuing to pitch poorly. 

Would the White Sox make a risky trade like this after going 61-101? That is a question for Chris Getz but it does seem like it is a good idea regardless of what their plan is.

He can help them win some games in 2024 or build up his value and become a better trade asset by the deadline. Either way, both sides would be winners if it went well.

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