White Sox News: Jason Benetti is leaving for the Tigers

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are one of the most pathetic franchises in all of baseball right now. It isn’t bad enough that they went 61-101 this season which was the fourth-worst record in the American League but things are getting a whole lot worse.

Now, the bad is extending into the broadcast world as some horrible news came out on Thursday. Effective immediately, Jason Benetti is done with the Chicago White Sox as he will be the new voice of the Detroit Tigers.

He will go to Detroit, after all of these years with the White Sox, and serve as the guy for a huge division rival. Clearly, a team in the division values one of the best in the business more than the team he grew up cheering for.

This is horrible in every way. He made tuning into a 61-101 team fun every night because of his unique style of calling games. He had a few catchphrases and led some very fun conversations while watching some truly awful baseball.

The Chicago White Sox made a mistake in letting Jason Benetti leave.

Benetti makes you excited about the game in a way that no other announcer can. You can tell he loves baseball and he makes you as a fan love it even more as well. The fact that one of the best at this craft is a Chicago kid was amazing for the White Sox and they let it slip away.

In addition to calling White Sox games over the years, fans have heard him call a lot of other sports across different networks. He is amazing at all of it. It always sort of felt like he wouldn't be the announcer of this team forever because of his incredible talent having the potential to reach new heights.

However, nobody say the White Sox letting him get away to a division rival for their local broadcast. It is just a true shame. He deserved better and he is getting it now with a serious franchise in Detroit.

Len Kasper is going to stay with the radio on ESPN 1000 so the search is on for a new announcer. We can only hope that the new person brings a fraction of what Benetti brought to the table. He deserves well wishes because he is amazing. This is a huge miss for the White Sox.

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