The Chicago White Sox really messed up the Jose Abreu situation

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

By now, everyone knows that the Chicago White Sox are not bringing back Jose Abreu. He is going to the Houston Astros after spending his entire career up to this point on the south side of Chicago. There is no doubt that this is some tough news to hear.

Letting your best hitter go is one way to do business but at least it can be justified because of the flaws that exist on the roster. They have way too many players that can't play their positions defensively very well but they hit great.

Those types of players usually become designated hitters. The White Sox have a surplus of players that fit that mold. The problem is that most of them also happen to play first base as their natural position. Far too many of them played out of position in 2021 and 2022.

Clearly, by letting Abreu go, they can make some changes to the way that they line up. They could also end up working out for the best.

With that said, it is still clear that the White Sox made a big mistake by not resigning him as he had a WAR over four and was one of the only players to claim that they had a good year on this incredibly dissapointing team.

The White Sox could have handled the Jose Abreu situation better.

They also probably knew that this was going to be their mindset. If they knew that he was going to be forced to walk, they should have just traded him at last year's trade deadline. The writing was already on the wall that making it to the postseason was going to be really hard.

It would have come as a shock at first but people would have gotten used to it. Instead, they are seeing him sent to the much-hated Houston Astros who are the defending World Series champion. At least he will have a much better chance of winning a ring down there.

Hopefully, Abreu doesn't have any disdain toward the organization that he means so much to. This is one of the team's all-time greatest players and he should have stayed with them but they are too incompetent. hopefully, The future is bright for both sides.

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