The Chicago White Sox schedule is going to be very hard in June

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are now officially through May. They finished the month that started off with some promise on a low note.

They were defeated by the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday afternoon which meant they lost the series 2-1 to them. That is not what they needed following a 3-1 series defeat to the Detroit Tigers over the weekend.

As a result of the loss, they'd started doing since last Friday, they fell to 15-14 in May after starting the month 13-9. That is a much better record than their April one for sure but it could have been better.

Now, the team will enter June. It is going to be an extremely hard month for them. It makes it even worse that they are entering it 23-35. They should be much better than this but with the games they are going to play this month, things will get hard.

The White Sox are a bad team with a very hard schedule coming up.

They open with the Detroit Tigers who just took three out of four from them. Then, the New York Yankees who are a top team in the league followed by the Miami Marlins.

Once they are done with that pretty tough stretch, they will face the Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, and Texas Rangers who are all very dangerous right now.

Then, they have the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels before one game against the Oakland A's on the last day of the month (and then will start July vs them as well).

There really aren't any breaks there in terms of teams that are on the same level as the White Sox. All of those squads are considered to be better than the White Sox right now. That means that the month is going to be very difficult and could put them even farther down in the standings.

It is tough to see this team be so down right now but there is no reason to have faith in them right now with their schedule this hard. Hopefully, they see this as an opportunity to prove everyone wrong after their improvement in May but don't count on it.

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