White Sox News: Wednesday's loss means a series loss to LA

May 30, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago White Sox third baseman Jake Burger (30) singles
May 30, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago White Sox third baseman Jake Burger (30) singles / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox had a very bad game on Wednesday. They lost to the Los Angeles Angels by a final score of 12-5. It wasn't a very good performance by them at all.

Lance Lynn, after three good starts in a row, had a very bad one here. He allowed eight earned runs on eight hits with two walks through 4.0 innings.

He served up big meatballs for both Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout which was no fun to watch. He did strike out Mike Trout one time but that was only one of four K's on the day.

The White Sox offense didn't do enough to keep them in the game early. They had 12 hits which is a lot but they only turned it into five runs and three of them came in the 9th inning when they were down by double-digit runs.

The Chicago White Sox lost again to the Los Angeles Angels.

If it wasn't for a couple of good hits from players that didn't even start the game (Clint Frazier and Hanser Alberto), they would have had nothing. It was a tough game for them all around.

Now, the White Sox have lost two series in a row to end May. That is not what they wanted to happen before starting these series matchups against the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Angels.

The White Sox are going to try and have a bounce back peformance in their next series which will begin on Friday night. This will come against the Detroit Tigers but it will be at home this time.

They don't have Trout or Ohtani but they already proved that they have what they need to beat the White Sox if they play well.

This team is sinking fast so they have to find a way out of this funk right now or things are going to start getting real.

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