White Sox News: A backup catcher, Eovaldi signs, and more

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
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The Chicago White Sox could use a backup catcher. Running out there with Seby Zavala again isn't really the thing a winning team would try to do. Yasmani Grandal had one bad year in 2022 so letting him come to try and bounce back makes sense but they need another.

James McCann was thought to be an available player as the New York Mets loaded up on catchers but they eventually traded him to the Baltimore Orioles instead. Now, he is off the table but that is probably a good thing because he wasn't that good with the Mets.

There are still a few options out there but they might need to get creative. Tucker Barnhart would have been a good option but he ended up on the other Chicago team so he is off the table as well.

If Rick Hahn wants to get this team going again, a backup catcher might be a necessary investment. If Grandal can get going again along with a new backup, it will go from a weak spot to a strong one.

There is plenty of Chicago White Sox/MLB news to be thinking about.

Nathan Eovaldi signs:

Nathan Eovaldi is someone that would have made a great addition to any team that he signed with this off-season. He has had some tremendous success in his career, most notably with the Boston Red Sox who are his most recent team.

The Red Sox acquired him during the 2018 season and he proved to be one of their best acquisitions ever. They went on to win the World Series and he was a huge part of it.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Eovaldi is going to the Texas Rangers so he is now off the table as a starter. He will join Jacob deGrom and a really nice staff that they are building there. He was probably never coming to the White Sox but all good starters should be on the table.

Other MLB News:

The Atlanta Braves, who freshly traded for Sean Murphy. On Tuesday, it came out that they signed him to a six-year contract worth 73 million dollars. This deal is backloaded but the conversation is about how he could have gotten significantly more money on the open market.

How do the Atlanta Braves do stuff like this? Well, they are just a solid organization that offers their players a chance to win. There is something to be said about that.

There are a lot of players that continue to announce their participation in the 2023 World Baseball Classic. Now that the holidays are over, this is something that baseball fans can really start getting excited about in addition to the Major League Baseball season.

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