The Chicago White Sox should trade for the MLB The Show cover athlete

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

Major League Baseball and MLB The Show announced the cover athlete for their upcoming edition of the video game. That is going to be Jazz Chisholm Jr. of the Miami Marlins. Few players in the league deserve this more than him.

Of course, he has been one of the most electric players in the league ever since he arrived which is part of the reason why he is getting this honor. It should be a really cool version of the game with one of the league's most exciting players on it.

Even though he will be wearing a Marlins jersey on the cover, you can't help but hope that he is on another team when the year is over. The Chicago White Sox make sense for him in every single way. The Marlins should be sellers at the deadline this year and the White Sox would like to buy.

The Marlins made a wild trade a few weeks ago to acquire Luis Arraez from the Minnesota Twins. He will play second base for them in Chisholm's spot. They also signed Jean Segura away from the Philadelphia Phillies to play shortstop which oddly leaves Chisholm as the odd man out.

The White Sox should be going for this superstar for a variety of reasons.

Miami announced that the plan is for him to play centerfield but that isn't something that is guaranteed to work as he has been an infielder for a long time. He may be on the block at some point based on their recent transactions.

If he is, Rick Hahn should be on the phone trying to get him. Chicago plans on running out Romy Gonzalez and Lenyn Sosa which isn't what a "contender" should be using at second base. Getting a superstar like Chisholm Jr. would go a long way.

Clearly, he is considered to be one of the game's biggest stars. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be on the cover of the biggest baseball video game in the world.

Acquiring a player like that in a trade would tell the world that the White Sox are serious and not content with second place. It would be a very bold but fun and smart move to make.

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