The Chicago White Sox won a really cool award at Winter Meetings

Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox and all of Major League Baseball are at the Winter Meetings. It is an event where all of the teams are together singing players, making trades, and bettering the league for the upcoming season.

It has been an incredibly frustrating week to be a White Sox fan because they have literally done nothing to help themselves on the field. They have seen other teams make fun signings to better their chances of winning while the White Sox stay pinching pennies.

With all of that in mind, there is something that happened that everyone involved with this team can be proud of. On Wednesday, it came out that they are the recipient of the Allan H. Selig Award for Philanthropic Excellence.

This is because of the Chicago White Sox Amateur City Elite program that has been so great to youth beyond the field for 16 years. Some people might know it as the ACE program. It does amazing things for children and it is truly something to be proud of.

The Chicago White Sox ACE Program is well deserving of this award.

The ACE program is well deserving of this prestigious award and it is given out annually. This program is one that takes kids away from inner-city violence and brings them to the game of baseball.

It also provides financial help and educational tools/resources to kids so that they are ready for life beyond baseball. The mentorship that comes from this program will continue helping children for a very long time.

This is one of the many great initiatives headed by White Sox Charities that do so much great work around the city of Chicago. We can only hope that they keep up the great work but it is fair to assume that they will.

With so much negativity in the world, it is nice to see stuff like this. It is easy to get frustrated with the team because of baseball operations-related topics but that doesn't take away from the things that make them a good organization when it comes to being decent people. Congrats to the organization on this award. Everyone involved should be very proud.

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