White Sox News: The hire of Chris Getz continues to look bad

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / David Banks/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox made a lot of bad decisions over the last handful of years. One of the good ones was the firing of Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams back in August. The problem with that is they didn’t have a smart corresponding move to go with it. 

Without any process of replacing them with the right person, they just hired Chris Getz without interviewing anyone else. Jerry Reinsdorf hired his guy and he doesn’t care if it is clearly the wrong move. This is his team and what he says goes. 

Now, on a day like today, when a very good executive like Kim Ng becomes available, it makes it look even worse. The White Sox should absolutely look at bringing Kim Ng in even with Getz in the mix. However, we all know that Getz wouldn't put his ego to the side and make that type of hire.

That is why this hire looks worse and worse with every passing day. Every time a successful executive becomes available, the White Sox won't consider them because they have Chris Getz in the middle. The guy who ran the farm system into the ground is now in charge of the whole organization's baseball ops.

The Chicago White Sox refuse to put their best foot forward every year.

Kim Ng isn't the only one either. She just makes a lot of sense because she's been successful and she's been with the Chicago White Sox organization before. She makes total sense in every way, shape, and form.

There are others out there too though. Chaim Bloom is available, college people are available, hey, anyone that isn't associated with the Kansas City Royals in some way would be a good idea. Jerry Reinsdorf is just stuck in his ways and will never change though so we're stuck.

It will be fun to watch other teams continue to grow while the White Sox stay in the exact same spot year after year. Go Sox.

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