The lack of White Sox representation in the latest All-Star Game update is an embarrassment

Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox
Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

As we inch closer and closer to the 2023 MLB All-Star Game, the league has released an update to the ballot standings.

You likely do not need me to tell you that the White Sox haven't exactly been off to a great start this year but their passionate fans still have the ability to vote in some of the hottest position players on the roster.

Instead, there are no White Sox to be found. Anywhere. In fact, the only time you see "White Sox" on the updated ballots is at the catcher position, where Yasmani Grandal ranks 10th out of 10.

Sure, things have not been going smoothly for the 31-43 White Sox. The current season has been, in a word, awful.

The Chicago White Sox have had a bad showing in every way this year.

However, you're telling me that none of Andrew Benintendi, Jake Burger, Luis Robert Jr., Eloy Jiménez, or Andrew Vaughn can even finish in the top 10 at their respective positions? In the outfield, there are 20 spots revealed in the updated ballots, and still, no White Sox representation.

This is much more than just an issue of the players not performing well enough to earn a vote, as Robert and Burger have at least performed well enough to deserve some shred of an opportunity.

No, what this is truly showing is that fans of the Chicago White Sox are losing hope and losing faith in their hometown squad. This has been an issue that has started from the top and worked its way down, as GM Rick Hahn continues to be the laughingstock of the American League.

In a recent press conference, he came to the defense of manager Pedro Grifol, saying that MLB writer Jon Heyman was off base by saying that Grifol could be a one-and-done manager and that he could be fired before the season ends.

Hahn continued by saying that the organization places no blame on Grifol for their win-loss record. In a day in age where managers are always the first to go when [crap] hits the fan, this statement simply cannot be true.

There are countless examples of management talking themselves in circles and not taking any of the blame for this awful product that's being put out on the field night in and night out.

Grifol is more than just a scapegoat for these scuffling White Sox, he's just another cog in a major problem in the organization.

Whether it's making questionable pitching changes, keeping starters in too long, or trotting out underperforming players on a daily basis, he has been a huge part of what is becoming an embarrassing season for the Sox.

Fans take notice of things like this, and it's no wonder they don't feel confident enough in their players to vote them into the All-Star Game. To see the ballot and see zero White Sox players anywhere speaks volumes about where the organization as a whole currently sits, and it's not looking pretty.

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