White Sox News: Rick Hahn's presser was loaded with nonsense

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were embarrassed once again in front of their home crowd. They lost the game by a final score of 5-2. Before the game, some big-time roster moves were announced.

Two players were being called up and two were going on lists that take them away (for at least a little bit).

With this combined with a new home series starting for the first time in a while, we knew we might hear from the general manager.

Like it or not, Rick Hahn talks to the media every now and again. Sometimes, he just makes absolutely no sense. That was the case at times on Monday and he also has some prospect insight. 

Rick Hahn spoke to the media ahead of Tuesday's White Sox game.

Before the game, Hahn spoke on all of the issues going on with the team. Perhaps the most interesting thing he said was that he was very angry at Jon Heyman for saying that Pedro Grifol could be a one-and-done. 

Hahn claims that he called Heyman just to let him know he didn’t like that. Of course, Heyman said that he was just speculating. What else is he supposed to say? Hahn also didn't address Heyman by name. He called him a reporter.

It isn’t that surprising that they don’t give any blame to Grifol. You also know that they won’t blame themselves either. There is no accountability in the organization. 

Hahn spoke about a couple of White Sox prospects as well. For one, he confirmed that Colson Montgomery was returning on Monday night in the form of an Arizona Complex League game. He has missed all season so far with a back injury. 

Montgomery will play there for a while before going to the minors. With the talent that this kid possesses, it is fair to be excited about him. It is just a bit concerning that the injury bug already got him. 

Another prospect Hahn touched on is Noah Schultz. He just talked about the fact that he is so early in his development but the early signs are good. It is fair to believe him for now but it is also fair to be pessimistic based on how most of the prospects for this team have worked out.

This is where things really get nonsensical. He refuses to acknowledge that the team just simply isn't good enough. If they had the pieces needed to win more, they'd win more. All of the things that he thinks are non-issues are clearly issues.

It is unclear how much longer Rick Hahn is going to be the GM of this team but he hasn't done a very good job for far too long. He doesn't really have to deal with many consequences for his failures which is a problem.

It might be a while before the White Sox are good again based on these philosophies.

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