The Los Angeles Dodgers might be watching the Chicago White Sox closely

Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox
Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox haven't played each other very much in history. Only a handful of times have these two teams met on the playing field.

They are meeting this year as a result of the brand new schedule in which everyone plays everyone. You might remember that they actually did play each other last year as a part of the typical inter-league schedule.

It was the series in which Tony La Russa intentionally walked a Dodger hitter with two strikes which came back to bite him. The Dodgers are a very good team and they don't need their opponents to hand away free outs.

The Dodgers might be coming into this series looking for more than just some wins to help them in the standings. There is a chance that they are doing some scouting during this series too.

The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers could make a trade.

If the White Sox are declared sellers before the trade deadline later in the summer, the Dodgers could be a team to watch out for as buyers.

They would love to add a guy like Tim Anderson, Lucas Giolito, or Liam Hendriks (depending on the health of all of them). The Dodgers are in it to win it every year.

Los Angeles was uncharacteristically quiet during the off-season when it comes to big moves. They usually make one or two splashes via trade or signing. Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, Manny Machado, Trea Turner, and Max Scherzer are names that stick out.

There is a team down the highway with a two-way superstar that could be on the move soon that might be the reason that they were cheap this off-season.

If they have to wait for the off-season for a move like that, however, the White Sox could be their next target. They may or may not like what they see this week and start brainstorming.

If any White Sox players want to end up on contenders before the deadline, this would be a great week to play well. The front office of the Dodgers are certainly going to have their eyes open for the duration of this series.

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