The White Sox made a huge mistake by letting this slugger leave town

The Chicago White Sox traded Jake Burger and that was a terrible decision by them.
Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins
Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Last season ahead of the trade deadline, the Chicago White Sox traded Jake Burger to the Miami Marlins. It was a shock as his name wasn't even heard in the rumors leading up to the deal being made.

Since going to the Marlins, Burger continued to hit the ball well and got even better if you can believe it. Now, here in 2024, he is hitting the ball as well as he ever has in his career and it is making the White Sox look terrible for trading him.

The Marlins are going into the weekend 0-8 which is shocking to see but Burger is far from the problem.

Right now, he is leading their team in batting average (.355), home runs (2), RBI (10), runs scored (6), on-base percentage (.400), slugging percentage (.581), and OPS (.981). There is no doubt that the White Sox could use this kind of production right now.

The Chicago White Sox should have never traded Jake Burger away

This team's terrible decisions made by the front office are a big reason why. The people in charge of trading Burger are no longer with the club but the people that are in there now aren't much better.

Burger is going to go on to have a long successful career as one of the best pure power bats in the league. In exchange for him, the White Sox got a prospect named Jake Eder who may or may not be good.

It isn't like Burger is old either. He turns 28 in a few weeks so there is a lot of good baseball ahead of him in his life. Trading him at the time that they did just made no sense.

Trading good players for a haul is smart during the rebuild but trading good players for almost nothing is not smart. If Eder doesn't become a borderline star, it will always be a terrible mistake made by this franchise.