The White Sox hosted Miguel Cabrera for the last time ever

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have had some amazing players come through and play for their franchise. Although this season might not feel like it, there have been some good players.

There have also been some really good players to roll through as opponents. One of the best they've ever faced sat right there in their division for a long time and his name is Miguel Cabrera.

Of course, Cabrera was on the Florida Marlins in the early stages of his career. He started with them in 2003 and then stayed with them through the 2007 season. With the Florida Marlins, Cabrera won the World Series in his rookie season.

After that season ended though, the Marlins traded him to the Detroit Tigers in a blockbuster. It was there that he would become a legend.

The Chicago White Sox played against Miguel Cabrera a lot in his career.

As a White Sox division rival in Detroit, he was the most feared hitter in baseball for a long time. In fact, in 2012, Cabrera won the American League Triple Crown.

He was the first winner of that since Carl Yastzremski did it in 1967. Obviously, that is a rare thing to do. Nobody has done it since. Of course, he did win the MVP that season as well.

He came close a year later in 2013. He came up short of the Triple Crown but he did win his second straight MVP. That was fun to watch.

Over the course of his career, he suited up against the White Sox 231 times. In those games, he slashed .283/.358/.475 for an OPS of .832. He also hit 40 home runs and had 130 RBI. Obviously, he torched them in his prime.

On Sunday, the White Sox hosted Miguel's team for the final time in his Major League career. That is very sad. He was a worthy opponent each and every year.

He didn't suit up in this Sunday game. He got to take it all in. However, his final game in Chicago came on Saturday and it was like he was 28 again.

He had a four-hit performance in the 10-0 Tigers victory. It was amazing as a baseball fan but bad as a White Sox fan.

He isn't the same player at 40 that he was during his MVP-caliber days but he is still a legend. He will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

The White Sox honored him before the game and they gave him a really cool parting gift. It was a bench made of baseball bats, bases, and baseballs and it was Detroit Tigers-themed. That was a classy gesture made by them for one of their all-time great opponents.

The White Sox will face Miguel's Tigers once more in life. They play next weekend but it is a three game set in Detroit. We will see how he does in that series as he plays them one more time.

Hopefully, once this season is over, Miggy is able to enjoy retirement. He deserves it as one of the best hitters ever.

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