The White Sox send Eloy Jimenez to the Brewers in one of these 3 packages

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox - Game Two
Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox - Game Two / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are not a good baseball team. They consistently lose games and there are a lot of different reasons for it.

As a result of this, players are starting to get traded away. Now, there are still a few more trades that could be completed in the coming days (or even hours).

One name that is gaining some traction is Eloy Jimenez. He very well could be on the move soon even though the thought was that he was one of the non-tradable pieces.

Well, expect the unexpected. The Milwaukee Brewers are one of the teams that could be interested in Jimenez according to the report earlier from Bruce Levine of 670 The Score.

If the White Sox traded him to their friends to the north in Milwaukee, the deal might look something like this:

Trade One

eloy brew 1

The Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers are good trade partners.

Eloy Jimenez would fit in very well with the Milwaukee Brewers. As they try to hang onto a playoff spot in the National League Central, they could use a powerful bat like his.

Eric Brown Jr. is the number six prospect in the Milwaukee system. He is their best prospect ranked outside of the MLB's top 100. There is a lot of hope that he will become a very good player one day at shortstop.

Robert Moore is the number eight prospect in the system of the Brewers right now and he has a future at either second base or shortstop depending on his development.

If he came to the White Sox and was a good player, it is fair to guess that it would be at second base. It is a risky trade but one that could work out in the end.