White Sox Rumors: Eloy Jimenez could be on the move

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are going to be making some big moves over the next couple of weeks. They have a lot of work to do if they want to retool this roster and get back into contention.

There have been a few trades already that the Whits Sox have made and they can say that their roster is officially shaken up.

Now, there are more trades to be made before the Tuesday deadline. One big rumor going around right now is that Eloy Jimenez is on the trade block.

Bruce Levine of 670 The Score has reported that he is on the block. This would obviously be big news if the White Sox decided to trade him.

The Chicago White Sox are a team that needs some help all over the field.

It is hard to decide whether or not it is a good idea. He is a very good power hitter in this league but the guy can't stay healthy for a long period of time.

There always seems to be something going on with him in terms of his health. It is kind of sad because he can truly be a game-changing type of player when he is healthy.

Some of the earlier injuries that he sustained were things that he could prevent by being smarter but now it is clear that his body is prone to injuries at any time.

Levine named the Miami Marlins and Milwaukee Brewers as teams that could be in on Jimenez if the White Sox decided to trade him. It was thought that Jimenez was one of their core players that they don't plan on trading but you never know at this point.

With the trade deadline approaching on Tuesday, big things could happen so we will see. It is a shame that we are talking about Eloy Jimenez like this because he is a joy to have on the Chicago White Sox.

Hopefully, however, whatever decision they make, it allows the franchise to take a positive step. Eloy Jimenez provides some good moments but getting something good for him in return (if he isn't a part of the future) is something to consider. We shall see.

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