The White Sox still want to spoil things for the Cubs

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are horrible. At 47-72, they are well out of the race in the American League. There isn’t much to play for in terms of their 2023 record but they’d like to see certain people play well.

They’d also like to play spoiler for teams if they can. There is nobody they’d rather push pack a little bit right now than the Chicago Cubs. 

It is a two-game series on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Wrigley Field. The Cubs need these wins as badly as any opponent the White Sox will face the rest of the year. 

At 61-57, the Cubs are entering this series 3.5 games out of first place. They are also 1.0 games out of the final wild-card spot in the National League. 

The Chicago White Sox are going to play the Chicago Cubs this week.

Obviously, a good series against the White Sox could do big things for the Cubs. The playoffs could depend on a series like this by the end of the year. 

Yes, the White Sox would love to play a spoiler here. They aren’t direct rivals but being in the same city naturally makes it where they want to play each other hard and win. 

On Tuesday, the White Sox are going to pitch Touki Toussaint against Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs. That should be an interesting one. The White Sox have hit Hendricks well in the past but having Toussaint on the mound found mean anything. 

The starting lineups favor the Cubs obviously but it would be nice to see them find a way to win one or both of these games. Helping keep them out of the playoffs would be a small win for the season if there has to be one thing to smile about. 

This has also just been a very embarrassing season for White Sox fans. Taking at least one game from the Cubs would be good. If they could miraculously win both, they’d get to stay in possession of the Crosstown Cup. 

Again, that isn’t much to be proud of but it is better than nothing. This is the reality for White Sox fans. 

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