The White Sox trade Eloy Jimenez to the Marlins in one of these 3 crazy trade packages

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
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The Chicago White Sox are a rumor-filled team as we approach the MLB Trade Deadline. There are tons of players that have already been traded and more are going to come.

One player that has been involved in some rumors over the last day or so is Eloy Jimenez. He is a very talented hitter but he is often hurt and could help the Sox get something back in return.

One team that may be interested in him, according to reports, is the Miami Marlins. They have had a surprisingly good season so far and now they'd like to add the White Sox slugger.

Jimenez would fit right into their lineup as they try to get better at scoring more runs. If they acquired him, the trade package might look something like this:

Trade One

eloy mia 1

The Chicago White Sox and Miami Marlins could make a risky trade.

Max Meyer is the number one prospect in the Miami Marlins system. It is an organization that is not very rich in prospects but Meyer is a very good player.

He is a right-handed pitcher and their only top-100 prospect so getting him for Jimenez would be a decent one-for-one deal.

If Eloy Jimenez could finally start to stay healthy with a change of scenery, this could end up being a very smart move by the Marlins.

As for the White Sox with this trade, prospects are always just prospects until they reach the big leagues and succeed. There is risk involved with both teams but this could be something they consider.