These 3 things can all be true about the Chicago White Sox

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a horrific baseball team. They are hovering around a .300 winning percentage which is amongst the worst in the league.

When they play teams like the Toronto Blue Jays or Tampa Bay Rays, it has been clear that they really don't have a shot.

It is sad to see where they are six and a half years into what was supposed to be a great rebuild. It looked promising at times early but it has clearly failed.

When you play like this, everyone wants someone to blame. Who deserves the blame when talking about the poor play that the 2023 Chicago White Sox have displayed?

The Chicago White Sox are a team that needs big time change soon.

There are a lot of things that have made this team play poorly over the last two years. It isn't just one thing to point at. All three of these things can be true about the team:

1. The managers have been terrible

This is an idea that can be applied to this organization even before the organization. The last time the manager was good was when Ozzie Guillen was in charge.

Robin Ventura, Rick Renteria, Tony La Russa, and Pedro Grifol were or are still awful. None of them have done their job well enough to help the team take a big step.

No agenda matters here. They have all failed at getting this team where they need to be in order to win when it matters most.

2. The General Manager is a failure

Rick Hahn made it seem like things were going to be so good for so long. He built this team and made it seem like they were going to win multiple World Series championships.

Unfortunately, he has been a massive failure. They have two playoff wins post-rebuild and that is just not good enough. They are one of the most disappointing teams in MLB history based on all expectations and his bad roster construction is a big reason why.

Yes, the team was never able to take another step because of the managers and bad injuries. However, seeing how often the players get injured and are unable to develop well, that falls at the feet of the GM just the same.

3. They have a terrible owner

Yes, the managers along with Rick Hahn have all failed. At the end of the day, however, the owner is the one that oversees everything. Jerry Reinsdorf has done a terrible job in that role.

The White Sox are there with the Oakland A's and Kansas City Royals as the only teams to never give out a 100 million dollar contract. Rick Hahn is a horrific GM but that isn't his fault.

As long as Jerry is the owner, there will be no accountability which means the wrong people will be in charge of making the big decisions.

These are all things that are true about this franchise. Nobody, including the players, deserve a pass for anything that has gone on. From top to bottom, this thing is a massive failure. It is time to rebuild again with different people in charge.

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