This Chicago White Sox player needs to dominate or they can't win

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of great players on their team but it is all on an individual basis. They don't really mesh that well as a team which is why they are constantly double-digit games under .500.

There needs to be change if this team wants to get better over the long haul. For now, they need a few of their players to dominate but one sticks out above the rest.

Luis Robert Jr. was one of the best Major League Baseball players during the month of May and the White Sox were winning games as a result.

He has gone a little cold over the last handful of games, however, and the team started to become losers again. That much weight shouldn't be on just one guy but it is the way the team was built.

The Chicago White Sox need a lot from Luis Robert Jr. going forward.

Robert, when his bat is going, is an elite all-around hitter. Well, he is also incredibly fast and a very good defensive centerfielder so it makes sense that the team needs him but they can't seem to win if he has even one quiet game.

Nobody is going to be perfect in every game. Luis Robert Jr., however, has the talent to be that kind of game-breaker. Maybe he can get back to his MVP-caliber play and the White Sox can get back to winning seven out of ten games.

He will certainly, as long as he stays healthy, be in the MVP conversation for at least a few votes. He might not have a chance if the White Sox continues to stink but you never know as the narratives continue to change year after year.

Yes, as mentioned, his health is always a concern as well. He hasn't been the most reliable player over his career in terms of availability which might be why he struggles to stay consistent.

Robert has the talent to become a Chicago legend if he just continues to stay focused. If he dominates, the White Sox can win.

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