This is how the White Sox should operate down the stretch in 2023

With the reports and rumors revolving around the White Sox, there's a chance it could be a heartbreaking next few weeks on the south side; that being said, it's time for Grifol to let the kids play.

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have the fifth-lowest amount of wins in all of baseball this season. They tried to "run it back" in 2023. Clearly, it hasn't worked. 2022 was a mess and resulted in an 81-81 season but 2023 has been even more disastrous.

The starting pitching has been inconsistent, the offensive power numbers are lower than they were last year, Pedro Grifol hasn't been the manager he proclaimed to be before the season, and unfortunately, the entire industry of baseball has officially given up on the club.

The team's fans were promised much more than just two playoff wins during this "contention phase" of the organization.

It's s shame that the performance on the field hasn't been what anyone expected, but it's officially time to move on and focus on restructuring the entire organization from top to bottom.

With the trade deadline approaching, the White Sox must consider finding prospects that can serve as a potential long-term solution for the big league team. If that means trading Tim Anderson, Lucas Giolito, Kendall Graveman, Lance Lynn, and maybe more, then White Sox should do it.

The Chicago White Sox are going to make some big-time changes soon.

The White Sox will be in need of starting and relief pitchers, some second baseman, and catchers for the 2024 season.

If they can blend what they receive in trades this season with the rest of the club that they don't trade, they will once again have the opportunity to compete in a below-average AL Central title next year.

After the deadline, Grifol must prioritize playing the guys who have a future in the club. Oscar Colas needs to be in the lineup every day, Lenyn Sosa needs to be recalled, and Carlos Perez needs to get at least a real chance/opportunity.

This season has been a waste but they have the chance to "let the kids play" or audition to show the organization how to figure out things for the following season correctly.

The White Sox have people to build around, so while this shouldn't be considered a complete rebuild, it should come as a way to reconstruct a team that will still have a considerable load of talent for some years to come after the deadline passes.

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