This is the greatest lie still told about the Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are so bad. They were just swept by the Minnesota Twins in the most embarrassing way possible.

They lost the first two games of the series which isn't that surprising for the Chicago White Sox this season but they don't always get swept.

It looked like they were going to be able to get a win in the final game of the series on Sunday afternoon as they had a 3-0 lead going into the ninth inning.

You guessed it. They blew that lead. The game went to extra innings tied at three and then the Twins eventually won it.

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of problems going on right now.

A game like that really exposes the greatest lie still being told about the Chicago White Sox. A lot of people still believe that this is a team loaded with talent.

That is just not true. It was a team loaded with potential but they haven't hit that potential. They are not that talented. If they were, they would be better than 19 games under .500.

Yes, Luis Robert, Dylan Cease, Lucas Giolito, and Eloy Jimenez amongst a few others have talent but the team as a whole needs a whole lot more. That is why the team is struggling.

People need to stop going around and talking about how this super-talented team is underachieving. No, they are underachieving because the players that had "all of this talent" were oversold. The team is bad outside of a handful of people.

A complete overhaul is needed on the south side. The trade deadline is approaching and big moves need to be made. It shouldn't be Rick Hahn in charge of these moves but it is certainly going to be led by him and his horrific staff.

Maybe getting destroyed by the Crosstown rival Chicago Cubs will help people see that this team is a massive failure (if they don't see that already). Stop saying this team has talent. That is a lie and it has been a lie since 2016.

If you want to see a team loaded with talent, watch the Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, or Los Angeles Dodgers amongst others. This Chicago White Sox team is not loaded with talent. It is loaded with dissapointment.

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