This is the perfect White Sox outfield with Andrew Benintendi

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The Chicago White Sox made a huge splash in the free-agent market. It is a bit surprising to everyone because they don't normally do things like this. Andrew Benintendi is coming to the south side on what is now the largest contract in the history of the Chicago White Sox.

The team went 81-81 in a year in which they were terrible. They are trying to bounce back in 2023 which required some changes to the group. Adding someone like Benintendi to the team will certainly bring welcomed change.

For the last few years, the White Sox have used lots of different players in the outfield. A few of them aren't even natural outfielders like Andrew Vaughn, Gavin Sheets, and Leury Garcia. Going forward, we can only hope that the guys will start to play in their proper positions.

Benintendi will for sure be in left field. During his career, he has won a Gold Glove for his ability to play in the outfield. The Chicago White Sox would love to see him do that again at some point during his tenure. As long as he isn't horrible out there, the organization will be happy.

Andrew Benintendi is going to help make up a really good White Sox OF.

As for the rest of the outfield, there are plenty of options. However, there is one trio that would be considered perfect when it comes to their roster. For one, Benintendi is the lock as the left fielder. As long as he is healthy, that is his spot to lose.

Luis Robert, as long as he doesn't get hurt again either, will be the mainstay in centerfield. He is as good as any player in the league when he is at 100 percent so there is a lot to be excited about there as well.

Right field isn't as set as the other two but there is one person that would be the most exciting. Oscar Colas is the number two prospect in the organization right now and he is the most likely to make the jump to Major League Baseball for the first time right out of spring training.

An outfield of Benintendi, Robert, and Colas should be perfect for this team if they can all manage to play a good portion of the season. There will certainly be fewer errors out there which is nice. If their bats can match their defensive play on a daily basis, this will be a good trio in that regard as well.

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