This is who the Chicago White Sox should have hired to be their manager

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are in a very bad way right now. Things are not going well for anyone and that includes their new manager who is new to the job in general.

Pedro Grifol is not to be completely blamed for any of this. He came into a really tough situation that was going to be a lose-lose for everyone. It is all because of the bad owner, bad president, and bad GM that they have in office.

However, things might feel slightly different if they had hired Ozzie Guillen instead. When he managed last, he had a knack for getting the most out of certain players. There is plenty of good reason to believe that he'd be able to do it again with this group.

Based on everything we know, he has a good relationship with a lot of the current players. He also has a clear love and passion for the organization. It shows on the pre and postgame shows that he does for NBC Sports Chicago.

The White Sox should have hired Ozzie Guillen to be the manager.

Ozzie has been there and done that with this team. It can be said with confidence that if he was hired instead of Grifol, things would not be this bad.

Would they be a perfect team? It is hard to say but that is because of the flaws in the roster. Again, that isn't Grifol's fault either but Ozzie would have likely handled it better.

At this point, we don't know if Grifol will make it through the season but he just might. Following that, they might fire everyone and start over. If that happens, Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams better be gone.

From there, it is time to hire people that are much better suited to have the job in their place. Who knows, maybe they will even see Ozzie Guillen as a fit to be the manager once again. He should have been hired by Rick Hahn over the last winter but it never ended up happening.

At 7-18, it is hard to see them coming back into the division race. However, we have to let Grifol coach while he is there whether we like it or not. We can only hope that something starts to click soon but don't count on it.

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