This White Sox division rival also made an outfield signing

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On Friday, the Chicago White Sox made a big splash when they added Andrew Benintendi to the roster. He is now the highest-paid player in the history of the White Sox. It is honestly wild to hear that but it is the truth.

In Benintendi, the White Sox are getting a really good player that is going to bring a good bat and a solid glove in a position of need. He should fit right in with them as they try to bounce back from 81-81 in 2023. It is going to be hard but they have the players that can do it.

The Sox aren't the only AL Central team to make a decent-sized outfield splash this off-season. In fact, they weren't the only AL Central team to make a decent-sized outfield splash on Friday.

The Minnesota Twins got in on the fun by signing Joey Gallo to a one-year contract. He is going to be making 11 million dollars which isn't a bad contract for him considering the year that he had in 2022. He has had a nice career but was awful in 2022 for the most part.

The Minnesota Twins made a decent outfield signing on Friday afternoon.

Joey Gallo is very good defensively and he hits baseballs to Pluto. He was awful in 2022 and still managed to have 19 home runs (which would have led the White Sox). The rest of his offensive stats were terrible but his WAR was over 1 so you know his glove was good.

This all came in a year split between the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. The change of scenery did him a little bit of good but nothing that should make anyone terribly confident. The Twins are hoping that he finds some of that magic from his early Texas Ranger days (40 home runs in back-to-back years).

The White Sox clearly got the better player but Gallo fits the profile of someone who typically destroys the White Sox. He does have some really nice career totals against the White Sox including 9 home runs in 30 games played. They will need to be careful with him.

Minnesota is trying to replace Carlos Correa which is impossible. Gallo isn't a terrible get for them but he won't move the needle either. As of right now, the White Sox are still the better team.

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