This White Sox rival has some new really nice uniforms

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

Every offseason, at least one team in the league comes out with some new jerseys that they are going to wear in the upcoming seasons ahead.

The Minnesota Teams are one of those teams this year as they unveiled some new threads on Friday and they are awesome.

The Chicago White Sox rival is going to be looking really good when they debut these things in 2023. It is a team that may or may not be good at playing baseball but there is no doubt that their new jerseys will be a hit.

In this reveal, Minnesota showed off four new jerseys that all look very different from each other. They even all have cool new hats to go with them. The idea of these four jerseys is to represent different eras of Minnesota baseball.

There is a new white jersey that will be used as the primary home jersey, a pinstripe gray jersey that will be used as the primary road jersey, a cream-colored jersey that says Twin Cities on it that will be used as an alternate home jersey, and a dark blue jersey that will be used as an alternate on both the road and home.

There are some cool notes about these jerseys for the Twins. The Twin Cities ones are going to be the first jerseys ever worn by a pro-Minnesota team that has that region name of Twin Cities on it. The navy one is the first uniform in Twins' history that will be worn on the road and at home.

All four of these are very nice and will look good against the White Sox throughout the season. With how awesome the White Sox look every year, this could be the best jersey matchup in the division now.

No matter how you feel about the Twins, they are very important to White Sox history as well. One of the franchise's biggest rivals has a look that might remind some people of old-school Minnesota baseball. It is so cool to see them go in a different direction like this.

It isn't as if their old jerseys were bad but these are a magnificent upgrade. With outstanding players like Byron Buxton and Luis Arraez to help model them, they were always going to look sharp. For the White Sox's sake, we just have to hope that they don't play too well in them all the time.

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