Tim Anderson voices his thoughts about 2022 and what to expect in 2023

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Tim Anderson is a crucial player for the Chicago White Sox in 2023. The White Sox ultimately play around Tim Anderson which showed last year when he was out due to injury.

Anderson only played 79 games last season, which deflated the White Sox's chance of doing any damage in the AL Central. Anderson is back to total health and had some things to address/get off his chest in his recent interview with Chuck Garfien on the White Sox Talk Podcast.

Tim Anderson is already going into his eighth career season and has spent them all with the Chicago White Sox. This year sets up a new role for him due to the departure of Jose Abreu.

Tim will be the captain of this team and he suggests that everyone has a positive outlook for the 2023 season. Anderson wants the entire White Sox community to support them/get behind them rather than kick them down no matter what the result of the 2023 season is.

Tim Anderson wants to win out of anything and he feels it's the only part missing in his Major League career thus far.

The Chicago White Sox need Tim Anderson to have a good year this year.

Tim Anderson is a winning baseball player, hungry to prove it in 2023 and onward. He is looking forward to the 2023 season and is deciding to leave 2022 in the past. This seems like an excellent idea for himself and this entire organization.

Anderson claimed:

" "Sometimes you got to see how bad you can get to see how good you can be." "

There's a lot of room to grow for the White Sox in 2023 and Anderson wants everyone to know that they aren't planning to repeat what happened last year even though the fans and community in Chicago may say otherwise.

Tim Anderson and Chuck Garfien went back and forth a bit after Anderson came out and said that as a family and organization, the White Sox needed to start coming together instead of tearing each other apart.

Whether Tim believes Chuck was tearing the team down last year or not, many can argue that what was said about the White Sox last year was rightfully deserved considering they had an abundance of people believing in them to win a World Series potentially.

Tim Anderson wants positive energy in 2023 and he wants it to spread throughout the entire White Sox community.

Tim knows that the White Sox have a suitable ball club. There has been good energy surrounding the White Sox thus far in Spring Training and that is what the White Sox wants us to focus on now.

Tim Anderson shared that he was ecstatic to hear the return of Billy Hamilton was coming to real life. The two Mississippi natives shared a bond in 2021 that gave the White Sox energy throughout the season, especially in the clubhouse.

Tim and Billy's relationship can boost the morale at Spring Training this year and it should continue throughout 2023. Both players are here to win baseball games and they want the rest of the roster to feel the same way and have the right mindset.

Tim Anderson is also excited about Elvis Andrus's return. Watching the two take the middle-infield daily for the White Sox should be interesting, especially considering it will be Andrus's first professional season as an everyday second baseman.

Anderson and Andrus are a part of this team and the connection they built throughout last season should give them the advantage to work together quite productively in 2023.

Tim Anderson is hungry for 2023 and his words also express how the entire 2023 White Sox roster feels about the situation.

Tim Anderson is driven to make his mark in 2023 and if health stays consistent for the two-time all-star, his words will be shown when he takes the field.

If there is anything that the White Sox society can all agree on, Tim Anderson always proves his word, and 2023 is setting up an opportunity for him to show it again to the upset/angry White Sox fanbase.

Tim Anderson was asked about the departure of Jose Abreu, and he replied with the following:

He wants to get the message off that we are officially in 2023 and while he and others still love Jose, he isn't a part of the plan for the upcoming season, so why should we all continue to talk about him?

The MLB is a business and the White Sox are ready to move on from the Chicago sports legend. Anderson knows the goals this season and reflecting on Abreu's time with the White Sox won't get the team moving toward their goals in 2023.

Chuck Garfien and Tim Anderson both maturely represented themselves and it is exciting to finally see the players and organization open up about their 2022 struggles.

They have all held themselves accountable and are officially ready to move on from the mess that occurred last season, especially Tim Anderson.

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