Tim Anderson would have been perfect for the MLB The Show cover

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

MLB The Show revealed that Jazz Chisholm Jr. is going to be the cover athlete for the 2023 edition of the big baseball video game. That is a fantastic choice as he is the perfect representative of our game right now. Few players are as electric as him at this stage.

Another player, however, that would have been perfect for the cover is Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson. A lot of the things that make Jazz Chisholm Jr. great make Tim Anderson great. They are both players that do what they can to help grow the game and make it just a little extra exciting.

Anderson is the type of player that can be a "face of the MLB" type and those are the kinds of guys that find themselves on video game covers.

Anderson very well could have been in consideration for this but they went with Chisholm this year. You can't say that it was because of the fact that the White Sox were dissapointing. Although they were, they were a significantly better team than the Miami Marlins.

White Sox SS Tim Anderson should be on the cover of MLB 23 The Show.

You also can't blame Anderson's injury last year because he still played 19 more games than Chisholm. It was probably just the fact that the latter is a bit more popular right now and one of the most electric players in the entire league.

Maybe one day these two can be on the same team together as the White Sox could really use a star like Chisholm at second base. They would be amazing together in the middle of the infield for a variety of reasons in addition to being fantastic hitters.

Don't count out Anderson. His popularity was trending way up before his injury last year. Does he need to work on some things defensively? Sure. Everyone mostly does. That doesn't mean that Anderson is an outstanding player that is an absolutely perfect player to represent the league.

Jazz Chisholm Jr. certainly deserves it as well but don't be surprised at all if Tim Anderson does grace the cover one day in the future of the video game.

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